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Eagle Brand Forage Beans

Big Fellow RRTM

The Roundup Ready gene in Big FellowTM makes food plot clean up cost effective and simple. The variety is the #1 biomass producer in the Mississippi State University- MS Agricultural and Forestry Experiment Station Forage Trial. Big Fellow RRTM has enormous leaf size and bushiness. The variety is drought tolerant. Leaf size can be larger than 8 inches, when irrigated. Big Fellow RRTM has resistance to several races of nematode, foliar disease, and stem canker. Big Fellow is a late-maturing, group 7 variety. Eagle varieties are taller, leafier and greener longer than USDA forage soybeans Donegal, Derry and Tyrone in side- by-side comparisons on irrigated Arkansas silt loam and Mississippi gumbo.

Large Lad RRTM

Large Lad RRTM is the official soybean of the Mississippi Fisheries and Wildlife Department. It has dominated numerous forage trials and is known for its excellent bio-mass production and deer browsing tolerance. Large Lad RRTM is Roundup Ready herbicide tolerant, up to 84 inches in height, and is very bushy. This variety is resistant to most foliar diseases, phytophthora root rot, stem canker and several races of nematodes. Planting Large Lad RRTM means there will be more green food all season for your deer and bird hunting.

Wildlife Manager\'s Mix RRTM

Wildlife managers developed this blend and we packaged it for you. This Roundup Ready soybean blend features Large Lad RRTM, Big Fellow RRTM and Whitetail Thicket RRTM, the world\'s first Roundup Ready climbing soybean. Whitetail Thicket RRTM is larger, leafier and stays green longer than Quail Haven, Bob White, and Top-Gun soybeans in side-by-side comparisons. This blend is favored for its exceptional cover, biomass yield, height, maturity range, and natural appeal. The maturity range includes group 5, 6, 7, and 8 soybeans which were scientifically selected for top performance.

Habitat Haven RRTM

Habitat Haven is a proprietary blend of Mississippi State Forage Trial\'s #1 biomass producing variety, a high- yielding early maturing soybean, and a late-maturing soybean producing green foliage until the first freeze. This exceptional blend has the advantages of height, Roundup Ready herbicide resistance, longer green period, great browsing tolerance, and ease of management. The blend gives a natural looking habitat with plants ranging in height and maturity. The plants mature at different times which allows the deer to feed on both mature soybean and green leaf tissue.

Game Keeper RRTM

Game Keeper\'s special formulation contains Whitetail Thicket RR, the World\'s First Roundup Ready Climbing Soybean, Big Fellow RR, the university proven #1 highest protein variety, and Large Lad RR, a specially selected high-yielding, browsing tolerant bean. This product is Roundup Ready herbicide resistant and provides maximum forage and the longest green season available.


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