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American Eagle 18' and 25' Windmills

The American Eagle Windmill circulates stagnant pond water from the bottom upwards, forcing unwanted hydrogen sulfide gases to the surface, allowing the harmful ammonia & nitrates to escape into the atmosphere, thereby ridding your pond of these toxic chemicals. Breaks down decayed plants, animal bacteria and toxic waste.

Results: clearer water rejuvenated with fresh smelling oxygen. Our same diffuser is used in many Sewage Treatment Plants. Non-aerated ponds are 1/3 stagnant, making a multiplying environment for weeds & algae.

An invaluable fish saver during winter and summer. Keeps an opening in the ICE during the coldest winter months to allow sun light in and gases out, all while adding a constant supply of fresh oxygen. During hot sizzling summers, when the oxygen in a pond is normally depleted rapidly, your windmill will provide fresh, life saving oxygen to your suffocating fish as it removes algae-fertilizing nitrogen gases.

Great for all waterfowl, as it keeps ponds open all winter. Windmills add oxygen to your pond all year as they continue to improve the quality of the water.

Oxygen is a main element of water. More oxygen in the water will promote zooplankton & daphnia that will eat unwanted algae. Fresh oxygen will increase appetite, growth and stimulate spawning in your fish as it rids your pond of harmful gases and pollutants.

Bellows pump on windmill head forces air to the bottom of the pond. An air diffuser dissolves air into tiny rejuvenating air bubbles.

It is highly recommended the diffusers be set on the pond floor at about 2/3 the depth of the pond to maintain cooler water at the bottom 1/3 for your fish during the hot sizzling summer and to prevent the entire body of water from being warmed to a dangerous level. This works the same in the winter providing a warmer bottom. For example, if your pond is 18' deep, place the diffuser on the pond floor at 12' or less. If your pond is 15' deep, set the diffuser at 10' or less.

The VOLUME of Air is more important than the PRESSURE in the air line.

The more air pumped into your pond, the better.

Wind is FREE! Use it!

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