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Buckeye Cam

Buckeye Cam Orion PC Base System

The ORION PC Base System includes everything you need to transmit pictures and video directly to you computer from up to 2 miles (*) away.
You can add up to 30 total cameras to this PC Base System to create an entire surveillance system for your hunting grounds.

The PC Base also lets you set up your own "LiveCam" website to use the cameras as a security feature or a promotional device for your ranch... or just set it up so everyone in the extended family can see all the action!
(*) Distance depends on terrain.


  • PC Base system can have up to 30 cameras transmitting to it.
  • Completely control all your Orion Cameras right from your computer
  • Transmits pictures to the base in 17 seconds (based on 0.3Meg resolution settings)
  • Email Pictures Automatically
  • LiveCam Feature (first 2 cameras are free)
  • Industry leading trigger speed
  • System includes 1 Orion camera kit and 1 PC Base Kit.

  • All Wireless units have a built in Repeater feature to extend your transmission range by using other cameras to repeat the signal back to the base
    This will increase your range and get over obstacles


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