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Best Outdoors carries the Flex 71-Flex Yetter Row Sower© Planter unit and it is an EXCELLENT performer in the field. When connected to our planting system named the Row Sower© you’ll have a system that will plant a variety of seeds. Seeds as small as sorghum all the way to sunflower, peas, corn, and soybeans there is a plate that will match your seed selection. Call or email for details and I can have you planting with the affordable, dependable and reliable Flex 71 Flex Yetter Row Sower© Planter this spring!

When it’s time to plant, you have to get it right the first time to achieve the highest possible yields—and the highest possible return on investment. The Row Sower© row-crop units offer a cost-effective way to make your planter more versatile, adapting easily to a variety of toolbars or your existing seeding equipment.

Simple, Low-Cost, Accurate, Dependable, and Flexible. That describes the 71 Flex Yetter Row Sower© Planter Unit

  • Designed and built to last with 12” heat-treated
    double disc openers that easily handle tough or high-
    residue soil conditions
  • Features parallel linkages, simple depth control, and
    adjustable downpressure springs, which keep seed depth uniform in varying terrain
  • Big 1.3 bushel hoppers positioned for fast, easy refills
  • Heavy-duty, self-contained ground drive that delivers
    smooth running and accurate seeding across the range
    of row spacings
  • Wide array of press wheels and options


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