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Lucky Buck Mineral

Lucky Buck Mineral is manufactured by MAR-VO MINERAL CO., INC., the same company that has been producing livestock minerals for the past 85 years. Lucky Buck Mineral supplements the deer population's diet with minerals that not only make them healthier, but also help develop bigger, better racks! The most critical thing to consider in wild animals is that you can't MAKE them eat anything. They have to WANT to eat it. Lucky Buck Mineral is developed with just the right ratios of minerals that deer love, mixed with an ingredient that will limit the amount they want to eat (unlike competitor's attractant mixes that have grain or molasses by-products that cause deer to overeat).



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Trap Point System

The NPR Trap Point System uses a state of the art telemetry-based monitoring system that lets you know which traps have been triggered! In 5 minutes, the status of 100 traps can be checked and you’ll know exactly which ones need to be visited. Once a trap has been triggered, a radio signal at the trap site is broadcast and can be picked up on your radio receiver, identifying the individual traps to be visited. Up to 800 traps can be monitored with this system! The 'trap line' has now been reduced to 'trap points', saving money and time for your operation. Efficiency and effectiveness of predator control has just been added to your tool box. Typical payback on this system is anywhere from 6 to 18 months.



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Surrogate Propogation

Proven to be the most effective way to establish a huntable quail population specific to your property.

The Surrogator™, a patented process, is a self-contained field unit that will establish a huntable population of game birds on your property. This is NOT an adult bird release system! The Surrogator™ functions as a “surrogate parent” by providing food, water, warmth and protection for the first 5 weeks of the bird’s life. By placing the Surrogator™ in a location where you would like to establish a huntable population of pheasant or quail, chicks raised in the unit become imprinted to that location. The bird's natural homing instinct motivates them to live and reproduce where they were raised and released.

The Surrogator™ will hold 125 day-old quail chicks or 65 day-old pheasant chicks until they reach 5 weeks of age. The greatest mortality on the life of game birds happens in the nest and before three weeks of age. Chicks raised in the Surrogator™ are protected from predators and the elements at a time when they are most vulnerable. Research proves that game birds develop their natural survival instincts by 5 weeks of age. Chicks raised in the Surrogator™ have limited human contact, further protecting the natural survivability of the birds.



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Buckeye Cam

Buckeye Cam Orion PC Base System

The ORION PC Base System includes everything you need to transmit pictures and video directly to you computer from up to 2 miles (*) away.
You can add up to 30 total cameras to this PC Base System to create an entire surveillance system for your hunting grounds.

The PC Base also lets you set up your own "LiveCam" website to use the cameras as a security feature or a promotional device for your ranch... or just set it up so everyone in the extended family can see all the action!
(*) Distance depends on terrain.


  • PC Base system can have up to 30 cameras transmitting to it.
  • Completely control all your Orion Cameras right from your computer
  • Transmits pictures to the base in 17 seconds (based on 0.3Meg resolution settings)
  • Email Pictures Automatically
  • LiveCam Feature (first 2 cameras are free)
  • Industry leading trigger speed
  • System includes 1 Orion camera kit and 1 PC Base Kit.

  • All Wireless units have a built in Repeater feature to extend your transmission range by using other cameras to repeat the signal back to the base
    This will increase your range and get over obstacles



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Best Outdoors Row Model II

Everything is Best Outdoors

The results from your planting efforts are never realized until after seed germination occurs… and germination as well as eventual plant thriftiness and endurance is greatly affected by initial seed distribution.
The Best Outdoors© Row Model II© guarantees your planting success every time, as there is simply no finer ground driven row crop planter available on the market today. The Row Model II© utilizes two tried and true 71-Flex Planter Units mounted on the Row Model II© carriage unit.

Features & Benefits:
71-Flex Planter

  1. Seed plates are available for a wide variety of seed
  2. Thousands of rows of this style planter has earned it a reputation all across North America as a the most dependable accurate row unit available
  3. Parallel linkages allow the 71 series planter unit to flex over ground contours and provides for a more uniform planting depth. The real benefit of this feature is being able to add up 80 pounds of spring pressure in addition to the 115 lb. planter unit weight.
  4. Fewer stops and more acres planted because of large capacity 1.3-bushel seed hopper
  5. Simply pull a spring-loaded stop and a numbered cam can be turned to obtain a desired depth. The total range of depth settings is from ¼” – 2.5”.
  6. Assists in plant germination and uniform emergence to get the seedlings off to the right start to provide a return on your investment.
Any replacement parts needed for the 71-Flex Planter Unit can be purchased at hundreds of John Deere implement stores throughout the United States

Row Model II©

    • Heavy gauge, powder coated, American Made ,steel construction
    • The Row Model II© is easy to attach and can be pulled behind any size cc ATV.
    • Fast four-second lifting and lowering capability to allow quick field turn around time.
    • Electronic 2000 pound capacity wench, complete with quick-lift shut off system for simple/safe no-look use.
    • Row Crop Plants Corn, Soybeans, Winter Peas, Lablab, Sorghum, Milo, Millet, Sunflowers, Sugar Beats, as well as many other food plot and garden grain varieties.
    • Available with a 2-row no-till coulter option for low/no-tillage row crop planting applications.
    • Row Model II comes complete with 4 harrow S-tines for easy conversion to a two-row between-the-row field cultivator or a 4-row tillage implement for full season use.



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Best Outdoors Row Sower

Everything is Best Outdoors...

Best Outdoors carries the Flex 71-Flex Yetter Row Sower© Planter unit and it is an EXCELLENT performer in the field. When connected to our planting system named the Row Sower© you’ll have a system that will plant a variety of seeds. Seeds as small as sorghum all the way to sunflower, peas, corn, and soybeans there is a plate that will match your seed selection. Call or email for details and I can have you planting with the affordable, dependable and reliable Flex 71 Flex Yetter Row Sower© Planter this spring!

When it’s time to plant, you have to get it right the first time to achieve the highest possible yields—and the highest possible return on investment. The Row Sower© row-crop units offer a cost-effective way to make your planter more versatile, adapting easily to a variety of toolbars or your existing seeding equipment.

Simple, Low-Cost, Accurate, Dependable, and Flexible. That describes the 71 Flex Yetter Row Sower© Planter Unit

  • Designed and built to last with 12” heat-treated
    double disc openers that easily handle tough or high-
    residue soil conditions
  • Features parallel linkages, simple depth control, and
    adjustable downpressure springs, which keep seed depth uniform in varying terrain
  • Big 1.3 bushel hoppers positioned for fast, easy refills
  • Heavy-duty, self-contained ground drive that delivers
    smooth running and accurate seeding across the range
    of row spacings
  • Wide array of press wheels and options



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Eagle Brand Forage Beans

Big Fellow RRTM

The Roundup Ready gene in Big FellowTM makes food plot clean up cost effective and simple. The variety is the #1 biomass producer in the Mississippi State University- MS Agricultural and Forestry Experiment Station Forage Trial. Big Fellow RRTM has enormous leaf size and bushiness. The variety is drought tolerant. Leaf size can be larger than 8 inches, when irrigated. Big Fellow RRTM has resistance to several races of nematode, foliar disease, and stem canker. Big Fellow is a late-maturing, group 7 variety. Eagle varieties are taller, leafier and greener longer than USDA forage soybeans Donegal, Derry and Tyrone in side- by-side comparisons on irrigated Arkansas silt loam and Mississippi gumbo.

Large Lad RRTM

Large Lad RRTM is the official soybean of the Mississippi Fisheries and Wildlife Department. It has dominated numerous forage trials and is known for its excellent bio-mass production and deer browsing tolerance. Large Lad RRTM is Roundup Ready herbicide tolerant, up to 84 inches in height, and is very bushy. This variety is resistant to most foliar diseases, phytophthora root rot, stem canker and several races of nematodes. Planting Large Lad RRTM means there will be more green food all season for your deer and bird hunting.

Wildlife Manager\'s Mix RRTM

Wildlife managers developed this blend and we packaged it for you. This Roundup Ready soybean blend features Large Lad RRTM, Big Fellow RRTM and Whitetail Thicket RRTM, the world\'s first Roundup Ready climbing soybean. Whitetail Thicket RRTM is larger, leafier and stays green longer than Quail Haven, Bob White, and Top-Gun soybeans in side-by-side comparisons. This blend is favored for its exceptional cover, biomass yield, height, maturity range, and natural appeal. The maturity range includes group 5, 6, 7, and 8 soybeans which were scientifically selected for top performance.

Habitat Haven RRTM

Habitat Haven is a proprietary blend of Mississippi State Forage Trial\'s #1 biomass producing variety, a high- yielding early maturing soybean, and a late-maturing soybean producing green foliage until the first freeze. This exceptional blend has the advantages of height, Roundup Ready herbicide resistance, longer green period, great browsing tolerance, and ease of management. The blend gives a natural looking habitat with plants ranging in height and maturity. The plants mature at different times which allows the deer to feed on both mature soybean and green leaf tissue.

Game Keeper RRTM

Game Keeper\'s special formulation contains Whitetail Thicket RR, the World\'s First Roundup Ready Climbing Soybean, Big Fellow RR, the university proven #1 highest protein variety, and Large Lad RR, a specially selected high-yielding, browsing tolerant bean. This product is Roundup Ready herbicide resistant and provides maximum forage and the longest green season available.



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American Eagle 18' and 25' Windmills

The American Eagle Windmill circulates stagnant pond water from the bottom upwards, forcing unwanted hydrogen sulfide gases to the surface, allowing the harmful ammonia & nitrates to escape into the atmosphere, thereby ridding your pond of these toxic chemicals. Breaks down decayed plants, animal bacteria and toxic waste.

Results: clearer water rejuvenated with fresh smelling oxygen. Our same diffuser is used in many Sewage Treatment Plants. Non-aerated ponds are 1/3 stagnant, making a multiplying environment for weeds & algae.

An invaluable fish saver during winter and summer. Keeps an opening in the ICE during the coldest winter months to allow sun light in and gases out, all while adding a constant supply of fresh oxygen. During hot sizzling summers, when the oxygen in a pond is normally depleted rapidly, your windmill will provide fresh, life saving oxygen to your suffocating fish as it removes algae-fertilizing nitrogen gases.

Great for all waterfowl, as it keeps ponds open all winter. Windmills add oxygen to your pond all year as they continue to improve the quality of the water.

Oxygen is a main element of water. More oxygen in the water will promote zooplankton & daphnia that will eat unwanted algae. Fresh oxygen will increase appetite, growth and stimulate spawning in your fish as it rids your pond of harmful gases and pollutants.

Bellows pump on windmill head forces air to the bottom of the pond. An air diffuser dissolves air into tiny rejuvenating air bubbles.

It is highly recommended the diffusers be set on the pond floor at about 2/3 the depth of the pond to maintain cooler water at the bottom 1/3 for your fish during the hot sizzling summer and to prevent the entire body of water from being warmed to a dangerous level. This works the same in the winter providing a warmer bottom. For example, if your pond is 18' deep, place the diffuser on the pond floor at 12' or less. If your pond is 15' deep, set the diffuser at 10' or less.

The VOLUME of Air is more important than the PRESSURE in the air line.

The more air pumped into your pond, the better.

Wind is FREE! Use it!

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Native Prairie Restorations

PO Box 652
Saline, MI 48176-0652

PO Box 11
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