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Best Outdoors Row Model II

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The results from your planting efforts are never realized until after seed germination occurs… and germination as well as eventual plant thriftiness and endurance is greatly affected by initial seed distribution.
The Best Outdoors© Row Model II© guarantees your planting success every time, as there is simply no finer ground driven row crop planter available on the market today. The Row Model II© utilizes two tried and true 71-Flex Planter Units mounted on the Row Model II© carriage unit.

Features & Benefits:
71-Flex Planter

  1. Seed plates are available for a wide variety of seed
  2. Thousands of rows of this style planter has earned it a reputation all across North America as a the most dependable accurate row unit available
  3. Parallel linkages allow the 71 series planter unit to flex over ground contours and provides for a more uniform planting depth. The real benefit of this feature is being able to add up 80 pounds of spring pressure in addition to the 115 lb. planter unit weight.
  4. Fewer stops and more acres planted because of large capacity 1.3-bushel seed hopper
  5. Simply pull a spring-loaded stop and a numbered cam can be turned to obtain a desired depth. The total range of depth settings is from ¼” – 2.5”.
  6. Assists in plant germination and uniform emergence to get the seedlings off to the right start to provide a return on your investment.
Any replacement parts needed for the 71-Flex Planter Unit can be purchased at hundreds of John Deere implement stores throughout the United States

Row Model II©

    • Heavy gauge, powder coated, American Made ,steel construction
    • The Row Model II© is easy to attach and can be pulled behind any size cc ATV.
    • Fast four-second lifting and lowering capability to allow quick field turn around time.
    • Electronic 2000 pound capacity wench, complete with quick-lift shut off system for simple/safe no-look use.
    • Row Crop Plants Corn, Soybeans, Winter Peas, Lablab, Sorghum, Milo, Millet, Sunflowers, Sugar Beats, as well as many other food plot and garden grain varieties.
    • Available with a 2-row no-till coulter option for low/no-tillage row crop planting applications.
    • Row Model II comes complete with 4 harrow S-tines for easy conversion to a two-row between-the-row field cultivator or a 4-row tillage implement for full season use.


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